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All of our people receive:

Wellbeing Support Program

S&P Global knows how important it is to take care of yourself. To help you live your healthiest lifestyle – mind, body and spirit – S&P Global will reimburse you 100% for eligible expenses, up to your country maximum. Click here to view the policy, the claim submission process, and the list of wellbeing activities eligible for reimbursement under the Wellbeing Support Program. Please note these may vary slightly by country.

Wellbeing Program: TELUS Health

Designed to help resolve life issues that may affect health, family life, or work life, TELUS Health provides free and confidential expert guidance, practical work-life services, and assessment/referral services to team members and their family members. TELUS Health offers consultation and emotional support, as well as online support and connections to community resources. Access TELUS Health at At the Log In prompt, enter the Company Code based on your country and use password: lifeworks

Reproductive Wellness

S&P Global has made reproductive health an integral part of our people rewards package. Some of the Reproductive Wellness programs and benefits we offer to our people include:

  • Maven Parental Support to improve parental health outcomes through equitable care for pregnant members and their partners.
  • Maven Expressed Milk Shipping to help our parents transition back to work and get expressed milk home to baby—easily, reliably, and safely.
  • FertilityIQ to help you build your family by delivering expert-led educational courses on multi-generational fertility, reproductive health, surrogacy, adoption, family-building, and more.

Global Cancer Support Program

As a team member with cancer or other chronic disease and serious illness, the Global Cancer* Support Program may provide up to one year of salary protection while you are out on leave due to treatment or recovery from your health condition. To begin the process of determining your eligibility for payments, complete the Program Request Form and submit it to mySolutions.

Global Employee Referral Program: Bring Your Best

Under the Global Employee Referral Program, if you refer a candidate who is subsequently hired as a permanent, full- or part-time S&P Global team member, you will be eligible to receive an incentive award, subject to any local statutory deductions.

Global Education Support

Under the Global Education Support Policy, S&P Global provides Further Education Support and Matching Student Loan Support. 

  • Further Education Support: 
    Subject to course of study, S&P Global will reimburse previously-approved tuition, registration/program fees and course-related books up to the country-specific amount.
  • Matching Student Loan Support: 
    S&P Global will match the amount you have been reimbursed for further education with an equal amount for a current student loan. The sum of both amounts cannot exceed the country-specific annual maximum.

Matching Gifts

The S&P Global Matching Gifts Program provides the opportunity to help maximize the impact of employee charitable giving through corporate matched donations.

You can donate to eligible charities of their choice through CRConnect using a personal credit card and request S&P match your personal contributions, up to a maximum annual amount. You can also donate directly to your charity of choice and request a match for their offline donations by uploading a receipt of contribution. People in some locations can donate to eligible charities by enrolling in payroll deductions.


At S&P Global we take pride in our diversity and the celebrations of that diversity around the world. Our Holiday Calendar lists the celebratory holidays we look forward to during the year.


Recharge is S&P Global’s flexible time-off approach under which there is no prescribed maximum amount of time off you can take. We believe it’s important to take time away from the office for your hobbies, loved ones, personal responsibilities and wellbeing.

By spending time away from the office and managing this important aspect of your wellbeing, you’re well-positioned to do your best work. Recharge days can be used for any number of reasons, such as to:

  • Travel or explore attractions and activities
  • Celebrate a birthday or career service anniversary
  • Attend a child’s school activities
  • Visit a wellness provider
  • Take a well-being day

Global Care Leave

Our colleagues may take up to 10 days of paid leave per calendar year to care for a close relative or loved one who has a serious illness or health condition. This paid care leave may be offset by any statutory leave that is already in place and is a minimum amount of leave per country.

Give Back Days

You are entitled to five days of paid leave per calendar year to spend volunteering in your community.

Flexible Work Arrangements

S&P Global offers flexible work arrangements that provide practical solutions to help our employees balance their many commitments.

Sabbatical Leave

You are eligible to take six months of unpaid sabbatical leave. This time may be used to educate, innovate, gain knowledge and pursue interests.

Unpaid Leave

You can take up to eight weeks of unpaid leave OR the current statutory minimum by country, whichever is higher, without exhausting any other paid leave entitlements.

Compassion Leave

You are entitled to paid compassion leave following the loss of a close relative or loved one. The number of leaves will be determined depending on the relationship to the deceased. For details, please see the Global Compassion Leave Policy.

Parental Leave

To further support parents, our enhanced parental leave offers 26 weeks of paid leave or the current statutory minimum by country, whichever is higher, to all parents, regardless of gender, who welcome a child through birth, adoption, foster, or surrogacy. For details, please see the Global Parental Leave Policy.

People Resource Groups

Our People Resource Groups are powered by our people who come together to bring their authentic selves to their work and contribute their unique perspectives to be ambassadors of diversity, equity and inclusion. People Resource Groups to support you include:

  • Adelante – Delivers programming for personal, professional, company and community success and impact for Hispanic/Latino employees and their supporters
  • APEX – Asian Professionals for Excellence
  • BOLD – Black Organization for Leadership and Development
  • Empower – Advancing Multicultural Diversity
  • ParentsNet – Delivers programming for career-minded parents, caregivers and their supporters
  • Reach – Recognizing Employees of All Abilities, Celebrate and Harness
  • Pride – LGBTQ+ and Friends
  • VALOR – Veterans and Allies Leading for Organizational Results
  • WINS – Women’s Initiative for Networking and Success

Career Coaching

We believe that our people should have equitable access to mature, honest and purposeful conversations about their careers, to opportunities, and to the customized support they need to help them see the possibilities.

Career Coaching services are available to all people at all levels globally. Our coaches provide confidential, one-to-one conversations that help you objectively explore options and think about possibilities and the space to channel your own resourcefulness and think about choices away from the parameters of your current context. Connect with a global career coach by emailing

Alumni Network

We have a new alumni network for previous and current team members to network, stay current with company news, and learn about open positions and events. Once you are a part of the S&P Global community, you’re connected for life!

S&P Global Discount Hub

S&P Global Discount Hub is a benefits and rewards portal that offers S&P Global employees the widest variety of discounted leisure, health and financial benefits – which are personalized to the individual. To determine benefits for a given country, visit the S&P Global Discount Hub, scroll to the bottom and select the country dropdown menu.

Business Travel Insurance

Insurance while travelling on business or working remotely in another country. Coverage includes health, accidental death and total permanent disablement, medical expenses, theft, trip disruption and cancellation, loss of money and personal belongings, and more.

Phased Retirement

To facilitate knowledge transfer, people who are planning their retirement have the option to customize the transition for up to 5 years, by reducing hours and salary while retaining certain benefits (subject to country-specific benefit plans and minimum working hours).

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Local Benefits

All of our benefits eligible colleagues in the United States receive the following benefits:

Health & Wellbeing

The employee benefit programs offered by S&P Global allow you to choose the coverage that best meets your needs. These programs include:

Work-Life Programs

Financial Wellness

Voluntary Benefits

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Transparency in Coverage Rule

The Transparency in Coverage Rule requires group health plans to post publicly available machine-readable files that include in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of network charges for covered items and services, including prescriptions drugs.

Summary Annual Reports

The information provided here is meant as an overview of S&P Global benefits and, therefore, excludes details about limits on benefits, eligibility for benefits and more. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this overview. However, if there is any conflict between this information and the actual terms and conditions of the benefit plans, the official documents which control these plans will govern.

Terms and Conditions: As an S&P Global employee, it is your responsibility to maintain updated personal records and comply with any provider requirements, such as underwriting, as well as the terms and conditions of our plans and applicable local law. S&P Global is not responsible for any loss that may result from non-compliance. Please be aware that benefits paid by the Company may result in personal tax liabilities. Please note benefits will vary by country/jurisdiction and the local laws/practices that operate in those countries.